StoneMountain64 & Logitech: A Potential Partnership?

When it comes to gaming, many people now enjoy watching gamers stream their playing sessions on social media. This has resulted in a very saturated game streaming market, where only the best of the best are noticed.

Enter StoneMountain64. He emerged through a series of videos on YouTube called YOLO on the Battlefield. These were videos where he would enter random Battlefield 4 lobbies, trolling players with hyperbole. Here’s one of the few videos I could find with less strong language.

One of StoneMountain64’s first videos, “YOLO on the Battlefield 22" from November 20, 2013

You’ll find that some of the audience in those days would groan at the exaggeration or the extreme soldiering, while others found it entertaining. Today, StoneMountain64 is a leading influencer in the gaming community, with a whopping 3.15 million followers on Facebook, 2.26 million followers on YouTube, 410,000 followers on Instagram, and 118,000 followers on Twitter. For some unknown reason, he has not uploaded anything to Twitch in the last six months.

Getting to his follow count on all of these platforms was a bit of work. According to David Steinberg, also known as StoneMountain64, he has not gone more than a week without uploading content since creating his YouTube channel on September 26, 2011.

Today, his content is less trolling and more about showing techniques in gameplay. He streams on both YouTube and Facebook, often simultaneously. He examines the changes in weapons in Call of Duty Warzone after new updates, shows players great ways to communicate between team mates, and even shows viewers how to recognize when a player is cheating in the game. Here’s a StoneMountain64 demonstration of a new weapon in Call of Duty Warzone.

“The FIRST Ever Warzone Meta is BACK! Ft. Aculite, Fugglet & Spartakus,” StoneMountain64, January 23, 2021

In addition to gaming streaming, Steinberg uploads short clips of games to Instagram and Twitter. Followers of StoneMountain64 on Twitter and Instagram get a small glimpse of his personal life, where he announced his marriage, announced the birth of his daughter, and uploads family pictures on occasion.

As far as monetization, StoneMountain64 brings in revenues from YouTube and Facebook advertisements, as well as through the sale of StoneMountain64 merchandise. Other than a sponsorship from G Fuel, StoneMountain64 has very few sponsored posts.

For a niche influencer such as “Stone,” as he is referred to at times in videos, a brand relationship with Logitech would prove to be great. He already uses a lot of Logitech equipment, according to his website, where he lists all of the equipment he uses. He does raise money for a number of organizations, such as the St. Jude Research Hospital and the United Nations Foundation.

In order to develop this relationship, it would benefit Logitech to include a charitable donation as part of their purchase of influencer posts from StoneMountain64.

StoneMountain64 is a example of how gamers can develop a decent following if they are consistent and dedicated to gameplay. While much is unclear about why Steinberg does not utilize many sponsored posts, it is clear that any brand that Steinberg would work with would have to be something that he uses. That’s where Logitech should come in.




Glenn enjoys writing about history, culture, and art through the consumption of coffee and spirits. Currently a graduate student at the University of Florida.

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Glenn M. Morales Torres

Glenn M. Morales Torres

Glenn enjoys writing about history, culture, and art through the consumption of coffee and spirits. Currently a graduate student at the University of Florida.

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